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How do I choose the carpet suitable for the decoration of my house?

As many of us know, carpets are divided into hand woven carpets and machine carpets. While machine carpets are classified only by their quality, there are multiple factors that determine the value of hand-woven carpets. Raw material, age, number of loops, origin... Do not make purchases without getting detailed information about carpets made of different materials such as wool, polyester, acrylic, nylon, polyporiplen!

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When choosing carpets, we can start by making a usage-oriented elimination. For example, if you want to use You have a little boy at home. You need a dust-keeping, easy-to-clean carpet. A machine carpet with a short and soft feather wiper will be suitable for you.  You want to make an effective change to your home. You have modern sofas and wooden furniture. You can make the place look different by using a vibrant aging carpet.

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Scandinavian style seems to have taken over the whole decorating world at the moment. Geometric patterned carpets and rugs in natural textures and colors definitely add warmth to the space. The carpets called "vintage carpets" in the market, which are produced as a result of shaving and repainting old carpets, are definitely popular! It is highly recommended to try especially vivid colors such as red, burgundy, turquoise. Models produced using track carpets called "patchwork" are in decline.

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It's time to see the last few carpets in your house. Tell the store you are going to buy that you want to see the carpets at home and submit your request. Many carpet stores already have this type of service. There's the finale! You have chosen the carpet type you have determined for your purpose of use and the carpet in the color and texture you want to see in the place.

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