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How do breathing habits affect asthma?

What lies at the root of the formation of diseases is thoughts... If we want to neutralize thoughts, live healthy and stay fit, we have to work with our mind and breathing habits. Identifying the limits on our breathing and thinking habits, overcoming the distorted habits that we unwittingly maintain, is a great step towards recovery regardless of our disease.

In this article I want to talk about asthma... I have encountered numerous asthmatics in recent years and have spoken to many of my doctor friends about this. My observation is that many asthma patients have the idea of "Not enough"... In many asthma patients, the anxiety of "I can't breathe" causes negative thinking, which means that people who have an asthma attack will be told, "What if I stop breathing or there's not enough air in the next breath..." It causes him to not let go of his breath completely out of fear.

The breathing habits of asthma patients are reflected in their thought systems and their thought systems are reflected in their breathing habits. These people have a habit of not being able to leave behind life, events, events, and I don't think it can be a coincidence. That is why I recommend all asthma patients to work with a professional breathing coach. In addition, affirmations can be obtained to correct the thought system that creates this disease in the mind. For example, the following sentences can be repeated during the day:

"I leave life to its own flow. It's safe to quit."
"I accept the new, the future, the new beauties, the opportunities, the fresh breath. Breathing is easy and safe."
"Thereis always enough life, breath, abundance, abundance, health, love, peace, happiness for me and everyone."


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