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How can we defeat the indecision?

A professor who noted that humanity has made many decisions since the first years of life Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, " as soon as a person is born, he goes on a journey in life. Living in a very comfortable area in the mother's stomach, she experiences her first shock as soon as she comes into the world. Her first reaction is crying. What is the first object that gives a person confidence? Mother. He takes the smell and warmth of your mother, relaxes, sleeps. It creates a space for self-confidence. The boy then starts walking as he grows up in that safe space. As you start walking, decisions begin. The child learns to make decisions when he first starts walking, and most often during the game. He decides whether to play with this toy here or play with this toy." said. 

A professor who noted that man has a function of free will, unlike other living things Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, " because of this function of Free Will, a person does not make decisions only according to their basic needs. He gets it according to his dreams, according to his fears. He's taking it according to his expectations. He gets it according to his ambitions, his desires." said.

He also noted that there are differences in decision-making from person to person. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, " just as the liver produces bile, our brain produces thoughts and emotions. Those with an IQ below 70 speak 300-500 words a day on average. They live their lives, but as their IQ rises, the brain produces a thousand words, 2 thousand words, 3 thousand words, 5 thousand words. It's harder to manage. It is necessary to make continuous decisions, " he said.

A professor who noted that the most important disease associated with brain decision-making disorder is obsessive-compulsive disorder, that is, OCD Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, " because OCD patients can not make a decision. He washes his hand in the bathroom for half an hour. It's looking at whether it's clean or not,” he said.Julianne Moore

A professor who noted that healthy people use the anterior region of the brain as an “experience simulator” when making decisions Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, said:

"It's actually something bigger than our brain, the quantum brain.   It works with the quantum brain.   Here we have to have a brain like this on top of our brain. As physicists currently study the atom, they say 4 percent Matter and 96 percent antimatter. There is a part of the universe that is not in matter, that is not physical. There's a part of our brain that doesn't exist when we decide. The quantum brain, commonly known as consciousness. It is whether a person is conscious or not. It's whether he makes an informed decision or not. For this, the brain uses its anterior region as an experience simulator when thinking. For example, what he does, the person takes past experiences and sets priorities. If a person has a priority pyramid, they make easy decisions. He brings forward the important ones. He makes easy decisions if he has a pyramid of importance. If he has fears, if he knows his fears, he makes easy decisions. If a person has a habit of result consciousness, that is, he acts smart if he does not suddenly decide with his impulses. For example, a child acting on impulse suddenly jumps into the road. But what does a child with a consciousness of consequences do? He looks to the right, he looks to the left, when the car comes, he goes accordingly. Especially in children with hyperactivity, they act without thinking about the result because there is an impulse control disorder. He does what comes to mind first. In such cases, we do not only give drugs in Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, we work on the awareness of consequences. We allow him to experience, see the natural consequences of his behavior. We dream of making decisions. Imagine making a decision, what happens if you make that decision now? What happens to the short-term outcome, what happens to the medium-term outcome, what happens to the long-term outcome? It is necessary to think about it.”

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, " the best decision is determined by the person himself, the short-term result is that the person usually thinks about the possibilities that will be in front of him for a few days, the medium-term result is that he thinks about the possibilities for a few months, the long-term thought is that he thinks about the possibilities for years or even at the end of life. I have to think about what awaits me when I make this decision,” he said. 

A professor who also noted that a person can sometimes make mistakes when making decisions Dr. Nevzat Tarhan “ " mistakes are for us. Our mistakes are actually part of our growth, the better of what we do. So, we should not be afraid of making a mistake. You know what people do when they're afraid to make mistakes? They make the mistake of doing nothing. They make a bigger mistake when they're afraid not to make that little mistake., ” he said.

A professor who stated that there are many negative aspects to being a perfectionist Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, " there are types who think Black and white. Either black or white, there are no gray areas. These people will either get 100 or won't work. He blames himself when he gets 97. These people often miss a lot of things when they want to be perfect,” he said.

A professor who points out the importance of knowing the problem in front of a person in all aspects and knowing himself first in making a healthy decision Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, " before making a decision first need to recognize the problem. He'll analyze himself. He'll look at them, what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses. It will then collect data. After collecting data, it will determine its importance and priorities. He will then imagine what the outcome will be when he makes that decision. This is important not only in decisions such as marriage, investment, but also in financial decisions that concern one's life,” he said.

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