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How about building a small garden in your home?

We decided to plant our own parsley out of curiosity about the soil, a little green, a little natural. We thought we'd share with you the important points of how we do it. To touch the ground, to witness the miracle of growing a plant, we say read this simple but wonderful recipe and do it now. You'll have your own parsley in a month.


-1 pot
-1 teaspoon parsley seeds


1. Start putting the soil in the pot.

2. Press continuously when putting the soil so that the seeds can germinate in a healthy way.

3. Sow the seeds by sprinkling them at least 1cm deep.

4. Put another layer of soil on top, water it and start waiting for it to bud.

You can grow parsley in a pot on your balcony or in front of the window. Don't forget to put the pot in a place that gets the morning sun, you can start eating your own parsley freshly between 20 days and 30 days.

In these months, it will be enough to water it 2 times a week. The soil should always remain slightly damp. When the parsley removes 3 leaves on the branch, you can start collecting.

You'll be very happy to use your own fresh parsley in your salad, pastry, healthy water and food

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