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Homeservice Top 10 schnitzel

Within the framework of the bans imposed due to the pandemic, the House Cafe, which offers takeaways through the decks of the Food Basket in the Emaar shopping center, Teşvikiye Corner and Suadiye branches, is perhaps the most famous dish from the 'the House Chicken Schnitzel' presentation to the flavor of Istanbul.

Schnitzel Landmann is an address for Viennese delicacies in the Kadıköy district. There are memorable alternatives to schnitzel, such as Wiener Art Schnitzel, Kaiser Schnitzel (Gouda cheese, mushrooms, turkey ham, pepper), Gourmet Schnitzel (finely opened and paned Roquefort cheese, emmental cheese, mozzarella cheese, chicken meat filled with baby spinach). Those who wish can also taste Vegan Schnitzel and vegetarian vegetable mix. The salads and sauces are also quite delicious. You can order around Kadıköy and Ataşehir via Food Basket. 

Phone: 0216 515 6321 (Perishbakkal)

Ayaspaşa Russian restaurant, which was opened in 1943 by Belarusian Boris Ivanovich kreschsanovsky and Hungarian immigrant Judith Krischanovski aka Countess, is one of the most special places in Istanbul... Here you can taste the Viennese schnitzel and Kievsky, a similar Ukrainian dish. After the pandemic, take note to taste Russian delicacies that you won't find anywhere else in this special atmosphere!

Phone: (0212) 243 48 92

Herr Schnitzel, which opened in December 2020 in Etiler, soon attracted the attention of Istanbul food lovers. Schnitzel, prepared in Austrian style, is served with potato salad in accordance with tradition. Besides schnitzel, crispy HerrBurger, Dynamite HerrShots, Herr Tempura, Crispy Ceaser Wrap alternatives are also highly appreciated. They add a difference with special sauces that they prepare themselves. They also have veggie boards for vegans called Veggie Shots. Bring it from Herr schnitzel at Etiler and you can order it through the food cart.

Chef Sidar Budak, who is one of the favorite names of the food and drink world, offers the best of meat and 100% local, natural and decidedly fattening meats produced on his own farms with gourmet alternatives to the e – Butcher platforms they have implemented with his wife and also Derya Budak, a healthy nutrition coach. Products are delivered to your address without breaking the cold chain with +4 degree refrigerated vehicles and the brand's own distribution staff, not by cargo.  Natural meats and natural ingredients that do not contain additives-protective chemicals etineniyisi.com you can reach through it. 

Cool JR, one of Levent's beloved' out of work ' addresses. this term offers takeaway. There is a choice of meat and chicken for Schnitzel, one of the place's favorite flavors. Cool JR is also famous for his' half-meter ' sausages!

Phone: 0 (212) 279 97 09

From Maslak's ear-to-ear addresses, Helga Schnitzel Haus offers veal and chicken schnitzel options. Menus that differ with truflu flavors can be reached through the Food Basket. 

Inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine, Neni Brasserie's extraordinary flavors, which make food enthusiasts experience miracle flavors, can now be ordered home from the Food Basket. Classic Dana Schnitzel from the famous flavors of Neni...

One of Ataşehir's favorite addresses, the Hunger gained acclaim with its combo menus consisting of delicious snacks during the pandemic. As well as schnitzel, served with spicy potatoes, Mac&Cheese is one of the place's favorite flavors... You can reach through the food cart. 

Istinye Tavukcusu's special products, which offer only chicken varieties, are marinated daily in the restaurant's kitchen, prepared to order and served fresh. Without turning the chicken, you can taste two different flavors: Viennese style and schnitzel with cream mushrooms at the address, which offers many options for Turkish delight with sauce. You can order by phone at Istinye Park. 

Phone: 0212 345 7474

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