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Homeservice Top 10 ravioli

Bodrum Manti & Cafe, which has been serving since 2002, is one of the first delicacies that come to mind when it comes to Manti in Istanbul with its menu, where it enriches traditional Turkish Manti in different options... Home service offers a successful service with many branches serving from Ataşehir to Göktürk. It is prepared with two cooking techniques, boiled and baked, the one baked is called Crispy Bihter. Mixed ravioli is available for those who want to taste both at the same time. Brown Bihter, a low-calorie version of mince ravioli made from whole wheat dough. Vegetarian ravioli with boiled spinach, called safinase, and its baked form appear as the basic Bihter. You can also taste a special ravioli with chicken, vegetarian potatoes and finally three cheeses made using Roquefort, old cheddar and parmesan...

Casita is one of the first addresses of logic in Istanbul... It has branches in Etiler, Nişantaşı, Bezekbakkal and Bodrum. It is very famous for its paper baby dessert, feraye ravioli and çökertme kebab...  It can be ordered from the Food Basket.

Mr. One of the ideal addresses for those who love dumpling ravioli and are looking for different flavors...Both fresh and gluten-free, siez flour, vegan options such as gives everyone satisfaction. You can choose boiled or fried. It has branches in Kadıköy, Bezekbakkal and Ataşehir. You can order through the food cart.

Ashkana ravioli, founded by a Tatar family in a quiet corner of the nation, takes its name from Ashkana, which means soup kitchen in Tatar. Decors of the address, which has maintained its leadership among Turkey's top ravioli since 1987, recommend raw burritos and homemade pickles as well as ravioli. The place also has branches in Gokturk and Maslak.

Serving in Yeniköy , one of the most exclusive districts of Istanbul Strait since 1988, Emek Manti Evi offers traditional and local decks of Turkish cuisine. Besides local delicacies such as Kayseri, Sinop, Uzbek ravioli, there are also special delicacies such as artichoke ravioli. It also has branches in Istinye Park and Zekeriyaköy.

The ravioli Workshop, which has a 6000 m2 production facility, serves dull and dry ravioli with its special vehicles almost everywhere in Istanbul. They take the meat as a carcass, they don't use ready-made minced meat. Flour is sourced from the Konya region.Juliette. They don't use preservatives, flavors, and soy. You can also evaluate the advantage package options of the ravioli Workshop, which has many varieties.

One of the best options where you can taste Kayseri ravioli is 'Kayseri cuisine'... It has many branches on the Anatolian side. Tray ravioli is also quite delicious. You can also find Kayseri-specific flavors such as bacon and butter.

Etiler's new address, sister and sister ravioli, became famous from ear to ear. From classic crispy ravioli to Pelmeni Russian ravioli, you can be decidedly ambivalent among dozens of varieties. It can be ordered from the Food Basket.

Among the addresses where you can eat triangle Sinop ravioli with decanter sauce in Istanbul, the most recommended is Sinop ravioli in Besiktas... Nokul and çiğ burritos are also recommended on the menu.

Address: Sinanpaşa Bridge Street Tellioğlu Business Inn 8/1

Phone: (0212) 261 03 74

Hingal, which offers different options from world cuisines, especially Dagestan, is a special address located in the Garden in Beykoz. There is no home service, but if you fall your way, you can use the Come-get service. They have many amazing flavours, including meat, cheese, vegetarian and even salmon. Let's note that they make ravioli even in blue without using food coloring!

Address: Farm Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. Miraç Sk.No: 3 Çavuşbaşı-Beykoz / ISTANBUL

Phone: (0216) 326 4635 - (0216) 326 4638 - (0538) 690 4778

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