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Homeservice top 10 milky desserts

Kaçkar Custard, which has been serving for three generations, is one of the famous flavors of Etiler... Kazandibi has well-known desserts such as oven rice pudding and chicken breast, as well as much-loved recipes such as tahini, poppy seed, fig custard. You can order through the food cart.

The year is 1925, when Zeynel Bölükbaşı, who emigrated to Istanbul from Yugoslavia with his older brother when he was only 7 years old, turned into a passion among the residents of Istinye yalı in a short time.decoction of ice cream made by hand in the conditions of that day.Zeynel Muhallebiciçi has been serving with its renewed recipes since then. It has special flavors such as milk Pink, kadayıf custard and flavor Sefası. You can access it via the website (www.zeynel.com.tr).

Walnut Tree, one of the most popular bakeries of the Anatolian side, is appreciated with its milk desserts as well as pastry products. It is possible to find different milky desserts such as fig Pecan custard, Moist three red fruit, Pepeçura. On the Anatolian side, they provide free delivery for 75 TL everywhere. You can access it via the website (www.cevizagaci.com)

You can reach Özsüt through the Food Basket, which continues its sweet adventure started in 1938 in Izmir Kemeralti with 150 stores, three thousand employees and tens of thousands of guests in 45 provinces today. It is among the most decked out with both its cakes and its milky desserts...

The story of the White furnace began in Balat, in the mid-1800s. the bagel shop opened in Balat, where great-grandfather Kozma Stoyanof left his family behind and settled next to his uncles, and then his family and white Bakery, which settled next to him, became the birthplace of the story of 5 generations. Beyaz kiln, which has many branches in Istanbul, likes Mezes as well as baked goods, cakes and milk desserts. It ships with cargo all over Turkey (www.beyazfirin.com).

Bolulu Hasan Usta started production with keşkül, kiln rice pudding, karadut sorbet and karadut ice cream in a small shop of 18 square meters in Izmir Kemeralti in 1982 and established the first Dessert Factory in Turkey in 1997 in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. You can reach the delicacies of Bolulu Hasan USTA, which has branches in many provinces of Turkey, through the Food Basket.

The sweet story of sütiş begins with Mevlüt Kocadağ. Mevlut Kocadağ is the grandson of Haci Mehmet Agha, who was famous for his pastries and pastries in the city of Batumi, which is now located in the territory of Georgia in the 1850s, and the son-in-law of Milkman Ahmed, who was famous for his milk desserts in the same period. Mevlut Kocadag left the family business at a young age in 1953 and founded the first Sütiş in Nişantaşı, laying the foundations of today's Emirgan Sütiş. After the opening of the Taksim branch in 1982 after Nisantasi, Sütiş was one of the most famous custardiers in Istanbul... Sütiş's neighborhood with the Bosphorus began in Emirgan in 1986 and now it was Emirgan Sütiş; among the most popular addresses with its rich food menu and breakfast decks from its own farm, with its different concept. Emirgan Sütiş continues to experience the sweetest memories of Istanbulites for half a century with its Buffalo and cow milk and traditional Turkish milk desserts obtained from its own farm. You can order through the food cart.

Sariyer Göç Sarıyer Göçmen, who emigrated from Albania at the age of 17 due to the Balkan Wars, founded the historical Sariyer Mühallebici (Sarıyer district) of Istanbul, which is the current Central Branch, 16 years later in 1928 despite all the difficulties. They prepare their recipes with products obtained from their farms located in Zekeriyaköy. It has branches in Sariyer, Bahçeköy and Zekeriyaköy. You can order through the food cart. 

Saray Muhallebiciçi, which started in a small shop in Kasımpaşa and is an 85-year-old Istanbul tradition, prepares its products with buffalo milk obtained from its own dairy. There are also gluten-free alternatives. You can order through the food cart.

Goreme Muhallebici, which serves in a small shop in Kurtuluş, is one of the symbolic places of Istanbul... As much as their milk desserts, their soups are loved. You can order through the food cart. 

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