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Homeservice Top 10 dried beans

Husrev, headquartered in Rize, has branches in Ankara and Istanbul. Çayeli Bean is one of the most popular addresses... The delicacies of the place, which has been serving since 1928, can be reached from the Food Basket. 

Address: Dedeman Business Center Yildiz Posta Caddesi No: 48/1 Esentepe / Istanbul

Rize, Çayeli origin Mehmet Akif Köse founded the beans, dried beans in Istanbul is one of the first to come to mind... Fasuli, whose location in Tophane is one of the most popular addresses of the district, also has branches in Sirkeci, anchor, Cerrahpaşa and Büyükçekmece. You can access it via the website ( fasuli.com.tr)

It is also one of the favorites of animal Vedat Milor, which is frequented by those who love Black Sea Food in Beyoğlu... Kuymak, anchovy Rice, Black Sea pita and karalahana wraps are also very popular. You can access it via the website (hayvore.com.tr)

Address: Istiklal Cad.No:4 Beyoglu-Istanbul

Nalia Karadeniz cuisine, which opened its first restaurant in Istanbul in Güneşli in July 2006, uses only butter or olive oil and Himalayan salt as salt.Meat is brought from Balıkesir and opium.  It also has branches in Bostancı and Kurtköy. You can reach through the food cart. 

Üsküdar, Kaşıklı in 1920 by Agop Bey as a sweet shop, the place has been serving as a dried bean shop since 1938. Alamet-i farikasi dried beans are irrigated from the Ispir District of Erzurum, not by dam water, but by canal water, completely organic. At the cooking stage, it is soaked in water for 14 hours before finishing. Then, in a 2-hour process, the beans are subjected to a special process so that they do not make gas.After finishing, it is cooked in soil casseroles in stone glaze with special Trabzon oil.

Phone: (0216) 599 04 61

Ortaköy Dereboyu Street, which has been serving since 1996, is one of the addresses that popularize dried beans... Our organic beans grown in the high altitude plateaus of Erzurum are cooked with a proprietary formula. His olive oil dishes are also quite delicious. You can order through the food cart.

In Fatih, opposite the Suleymaniye Mosque, there are famous patrons of the place, which has served Istanbulites since 1924. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is great, and the pumpkin dessert is also very delicious! Via website (kurufasulyeci.com) you can order. 


Serving Black Sea-style Ispir beans, Bakırda Kuru is one of the favorite flavors of Beşiktaş... Especially the roasting menu is very satisfying. You can order from the Food Basket.  

Pottery is one of the most popular places on the Anatolian side of Istanbul with its views and tastes. This special recipe prepared with ethyl beans, cubed meat, butter, onions, Taşköprü garlic and tomato paste can be found on the website (comlek.com.tr). 

Burak dried beans, which serves very delicious dishes, is a Artisan Restaurant in Pendik... Dried beans run out by evening. Be sure to try if you get in the way. 

Phone: (0216) 307 57 12

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