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Homemade marshmallow

It has two ingredients: powdered gelatin and glucose.

I felt the need to explain because I could predict questions like what we could use instead of one of these two or if we could eliminate one. Yes, not every grocery store has ingredients that aren't on the shelf, but know that every shop that sells pastry ingredients has it. When you search the Internet for "pastry ingredients", you will find a site that sends orders to many houses. So if you are determined to make the recipe; If you're a marshmallow-lover or you've put your mind to preparing it for your lover, go ahead and get your ingredients and start cooking right away! I'm guaranteed you, there's going to be some great marshmallows because this recipe doesn't go unnoticed.

So let's all cook this cotton that my wife can't take a bite and stop eating. While accompanying your hot chocolates in the winter cold, you can be sure that they will add flavor to the flavor and pleasure to your taste.

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