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Homedelivery Top 10 waffles

If we call Istanbul the address that popularizes waffles for AB'bas, we will not exaggerate... AB'bas Waffle continues its adventure started in 1983 by "Abbas KARAKUŞ" in Istanbul Bebek by opening branches. It offers 'full consistency' waffles with a total of 30 branches, 18 of which are in Istanbul and 12 of which are outside Istanbul. You can reach it from the Food Basket.

Located in dozens of shopping malls in Istanbul, Waffle Stop also serves abroad. The main feature is that there is no fat and sugar in the dough!

Enigmatic tastes, which join us at the beginning of 2020, offer surprise-filled delicacies on Baghdad Street Dec. You should try Belgian Chicken Waffles at this address, which we can literally describe as 'Artisan Bakery'!

From Bomonti's ear-to-ear addresses, Munchies waffles have dozens of options, from diet waffles made with whole wheat flour and unsweetened peanut butter to two-fold and waxed birthday waffles.

Bebek Çınaraltı Waffle & Kumpir is one of Bebek's favorite addresses. You can order from the Food Basket, and the service is very fast...

You can easily notice Kemal USTA, one of the famous addresses of Kadıköy, with the tail extending in front of him. Sandwich waffles are a practical alternative to snacking on your feet! You can order from the Food Basket.

Can you think of Ortaköy without calipers and waffles? Note Ortaköy Waffle because of its consistency, taste and abundant material!

Bebek Sesame, located in kağıhane, offers waffles along with the most popular local fast food varieties such as kumru, kumpir, Ayvalık toast. An option that gives satisfaction with a price-quality balance. You can order from the Food Basket. 

One of Yeniköy's delicious addresses, Waffle Port, makes itself noticeable with the queue formed in front of it. Just enough for you to try even the consistency of the dough, the ingredients are quite high quality. It has services to Yeniköy and Tarabya.

Osso Waffle, located in Reşitpaşa, attracts attention with its high scores in the Food Basket. It is also preferred with both its flavor and economical menus... 

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