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Home service 4 appetizer recommendation

Located in the bazaar in Kadıköy, “izle Meyhane” is a boutique business. “Permission”, which is a new generation/modern Tavern concept, promises to surprise its guests with experimental tastes while providing different interpretations of known appetizers in its menu. From classic appetizers such as Fava, hummus, shakshuka, to permitted specialties such as pod chips, you can reach delicious appetizers by phone order. 

Chef Ismet Saz, who is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to gastronomy in Turkey, recently opened the doors of his new place, the Steeve, in Kuruçeşme Dec. The Steeve, which won't be able to host its guests at the restaurant for a while with the Covid-19 pandemic, goes to the door of its lovers with its very special takeaway and come&al. 

Tapas, which is the main crown of Latin cuisine on the Steeve's revamped menu, has taken on new tastes with Chef Ismet Saz's interpretations of traditional Turkish cuisine. The dip sauce of nachos from tapas, each prepared with fresh products from its own region, is prepared with avocado brought from Mexico. ” Taco is my favorite, " Steeve literally surprises those who say. Interpreting”Taco " with kokoreç, liver and mussels, the Steeve cuisine replaces tapas menūsū, meat and seafood, octopus salad prepared with fresh and healthy vegetables, among decadent tapas options that no other flavor can hold. For those who do not prefer meat and seafood, they can choose cauliflower, potato pravas, tahini, chickpea salad with red onions prepared with Steeve's very special chef sauces.

The Academy of Culinary Arts (MSA)’ s favorite flavors with MSA boxes now you can bring the MSA experience to your home.

Content prepared by the MSA on the box that you will do the final touches meals at home easily by combining ingredients in the kitchen, practical, life-saving products, your order ready to be freshly prepared and consumed upon yourself by ordering your guests want cousine MSA boxes you want to, you can prepare delicious meals.From pizza to hamburgers, from various salads to main courses, from exquisite desserts to cocktail mixes, various MSA flavors can now be prepared at home with MSA BOX. Appetizers are cashew Tarsus humus recipe, rice rolls with vegetables and fellah meatballs with Sooty ribs attract attention. 

Inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine, Neni Brasserie's extraordinary tastes, which make food enthusiasts experience miracle delicacies, can now be ordered home from the Food Basket. The menu at the Neni Brasserie, which is organized according to the takeaway, includes delicious flavors ranging from pizza varieties to “Tarte Flambee” alternatives, from snack flavors to main courses and burgers. “Neni onion soup”, “hummus appetizer plate”, “crispy bacon hummus”,"Goat Cheese Tart" stand out at the beginning of Neni Brasserie's takeaway menu.

Bonus: Practical 4 appetizer recipe

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