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Home decoration in 3 steps

All you have to do is choose one; classic, Bohemian, modern, minimal... There are so many options, it's endless. At this point, my suggestion is to create a pin for yourself from decoration apps. When you look at the pins, you will know which colors are weighted and which textures you like more. Among these pins, I would say note the three separate and compatible tones that you will use most in your home.Dec. Group these three shades as walls, seats, decks, and use other intermediate colors in accessories. These intermediate accessories can be vivid and in deciduous colors. You can change it at any time, it doesn't hurt your budget and it makes it easy to change. This is an economic tip that can change the mood of the house in an instant...

Floor, wall, seat, carpet, curtain, you go in this order and catch success.  If you say,' it's all right but I'm stuck in accessories and general color choices, ' I'd like to give a few examples of the salons where we all spend the most time. At the point of 'whether the lighting and furniture handle color is gold or black', you can decide according to your general visuals, but it is important to maintain balance. For example, if you decide to use gold, I suggest you choose all accessories gold. You can combine the gold details you use in handles and lighting with transparent glass objects. I'd like to give you another tip. Silver is a little behind these two colors, and in the next five years we will see black and gold accessories at the forefront.

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When you say,' I'm done with it and I feel like it hasn't happened, ' you can put the plants into action. In addition, you can also complete your decoration with objects such as wall panels, dressuar, while paintings and mirrors create alternatives for wall spaces.

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