Freja Beha Erichsen standing in a snowy forest
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H&M Studio 2016 Herfst-Winter

The wide shoulders and narrow waist, which reflect an hourglass figure in the seams, contrast with the folkloric breezes unique to Sweden.

Freja Beha Erichsen standing in front of a snowy forest

Long-sleeved drape dresses add showmanship and a soft touch.

Ashley Graham wearing a dress and hat

Coats play with various shapes. For example, oversize, handy parts that wrap around the body or double-decker, short collared, wool coats...

Freja Beha Erichsen wearing a hat and coat

The new face of H&amp Studio is Ashley Graham. Plus-size mannequin continues to change beauty standards and perception of brands.

Ashley Graham in a dress and hat

Ashley Graham, who worked as an plus-size model early in her career, is now the face of H&M's high-end brand Studio. Completely at peace with her body, Graham has noted many things since her first day as a model.

Ashley Graham holding a towel

Graham says she wants to inspire young girls through her H&M campaign, and stresses that there can't be a single measure of beauty in the world.

Ashley Graham with dark hair

The must-have for wardrobes is broken white shirts, assertive details on the sleeve cuffs, lace details that add feminism and double layers.

a man wearing a white shirt and black pants

Silver chain ornaments add a different feel to the night, while they are used in embroidered patterns and left to create sparkles on the edges

a person taking a selfie

Accessories include a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, long silk scarves, a small cube bag with a thin handle, and round-tipped necklaces.

a man standing in the snow

This very special collection, which is offered in limited numbers to fashion lovers, is only available in İstinye Park, Zorlu, Ankara CEPA and Izmir MaviBahçe AVM H&M stores in Turkey.

Freja Beha Erichsen standing in the snow
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