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Herald of autumn: Carrot Pie

I know the idea of making a two-layer cake scares almost everyone. It's a recipe that will end the worry of baking your cake and cutting it evenly in half! If you have two round cake molds of the same size, you divide the cake mortar evenly into the molds and give it to the oven. Thus, you have two equal thick cake floors and you have already completed the first and most important step of a fancy cake. All that remains is to spread the icing on the middle and around the cakes after preparing the cream and decorate them according to your taste.

An idea for those who want to cook portions; You can also shape the cakes you bake in cupcake molds with cream and turn them into cupcakes with carrots. If your special days are close, wouldn't it be great to celebrate with a cupcake tower or a big birthday cake like in the photo?

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