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Hello to spring from Swarovski

Swarovski revisits the poetic aesthetics of butterflies in his Spring/Summer collection to create a successful jewelry collection with elegant and eye-catching motifs.

The modern and lively Light Orchid family highlights the brand's legendary craftsmanship with a completely eye-catching and stunning necklace and four-finger ring. The versatile long necklace can be used as a simple torque for an understated look thanks to its removable long chain necklace. The rather romantic Lilia family reflects the spirit of spring with a vibrant palette of shimmering pink Swarovski crystals combined with soft pink gold. Fashion silhouettes such as asymmetric earrings, Y-necklaces and overlapping rings make this selection of products compatible with many looks and environments.

With a rich splash of colour and feminine pieces, Swarovski ensures that the versatile woman can achieve the radiant touch she seeks whenever, with the look she wants and in any environment.

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