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Healthy lunch between the plazas

Goodville Seasonal Kitchen is a seasonal cuisine that believes in and seeks the combination of taste and health. The naturalness and nutritiousness of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in season constitutes both the source of health and taste of Goodville cuisine.

With its menu that varies according to the seasons, it is possible to find different alternatives every time you go. For those who are open to trying different flavors, it is a must-visit place. From quinoa barren to beetroot couscous risotto, coca rice, chia seed and labnea pancakes are waiting to taste a lot of different flavors. Goodville's most special flavors, which also offer a wide range of alternatives for breakfast, include "Power Me Omelette", made with 4 egg white turkey smoked, curd cheese, mushrooms and spinach.

My favorite corner in Goodville, which is just as pleasant to decorate, is the reading corner with library. The carefully decorated Christmas tree of this place, which also reflects the New Year spirit, is also one to be seen. If you prefer to go on Thursday evenings, you will have the chance to listen to jazz musicians with their live performances at Jazz Night, which starts at 19:30.

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