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Healthy eyelash care in 5 questions

What to do with eyelashes in the daily care routine?

In order to have healthy eyelashes, do not forget to clean your eye area and eyelashes while cleaning your makeup before bed. Especially for the eye area, opt for the recommended products. Clean the dirt and makeup into soft movements with the help of a sponge. Never put pressure on your eyelashes when applying and cleaning make-up.

What is the most common error that causes eyelash loss?

Rubbing your eyes hard without stopping, applying pressure to your mascara, cleaning it hard can cause lashing.

What is the health pathway to extending eyelashes?

You can opt for serums that extend your eyelashes and increase their density.

What should we pay attention to when buying mascara?

As with everything else, when buying makeup, do not forget to examine the ingredients in it. Avoid mascara containing ethyl alcohol as it will dry your eyelashes. Opt for parabens and phthalate-free mascara, a carcinogenic substance.

What to do for healthy and clean eyelashes?

Clean your eyelashes every day with a delicate cleanser. Baby shampoo that does not burn the eyes can be a good and practical alternative. Our most important advice is to avoid sharing makeup with others.

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