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“Healthy Eating Package” by Vitalica Wellness

Vitalica Wellness Superfood pack, " your food is your medicine, your medicine is your food!"with its philosophy, it was designed by specialist doctors and nutritionists in the light of modern nutritional research. This package contains easy-to-digest portions that allow you to get the nutrients the body needs in the right amount and at the right time to maintain health, improve and improve quality of life. In addition to basic macro and micronutrients; antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements activated organic super nutrients that improve health allows you to meet.

Embark on a journey towards creating the best version of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually!

The cuisine of Vitalica Wellness, one of the world's leading “wellness” centers, uses seasonal, local, fresh and organic superbugs, cereals, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and seafood. Each material used is carefully selected considering its freshness, quality, naturalness and nutritional value. Vitalica Wellness cuisine offers meals designed according to the body's biological rhythm, which shows significant changes during the day. In this way, the body's physiological processes are supported, the energy requirement is met and the organism's nutrients are benefited at the optimum level.

Healthy eating is not a constant diet and detoxification or fasting. Forget about starving yourself! We serve the highest standards from the food supply process to reaching you. We clean the ingredients with ozonated water, cook them with high levels of filtered water to make sure they are clean and safe Juliette.

The Superfood package is designed to help you achieve your health goals! Your nutrition package will transform your eating habits, help you overcome nutritional problems caused by lifestyle, and improve your physical, mental and mental health.

Thanks to a natural and balanced diet:

* Improve intestinal flora

* Accelerate your metabolism

* Get rid of excess weight

* Improve digestive functions

* Balance insulin and other hormones

* Increase your energy, enliven

* Reduce sleep problems and fatigue

* Increase your memory and focus

* Beautify your skin and body

The Program begins with an interview and evaluation of a specialist physician or nutritionist. Everyone is” unique " and the content of the package is determined with the appropriate content and calories. Your nutrition package is offered as “personalized” with a holistic approach. The Vitalica nutrition program has 2 options, 100% plant-based and 80% plant-based.

Keep your package in the fridge: we make our meals fresh every day, so put them in the fridge as soon as you get them.

Heat it before you eat: you can eat your meals at room temperature, but when you heat it, it works the metabolism better and tastes better. We recommend heating your portions in a pan or oven in glass or porcelain containers.

We constantly update the contents of the package consisting of delicious, healthy and controlled portions. Vitalica Wellness” superfood " Package Contents:

* 3 main courses (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

* 4 meals of tea

* 1 wellness drink

* 1 healthy snack / bar

Vitalica teas are wonderful herbal mixtures that regulate metabolism and digestive functions, cleanse your intestines.

What's not in the package?

All meals in the package are prepared with natural and organic ingredients

* Gluten,

* GMO,

* Refined sugar,

* Salt,

* Dairy products,

* Preservatives and

* No additives.

08: 00: Good Morning! Start your day with a hot Vitalica morning tea.

09: 00: eat your breakfast sitting down, remember that breakfast is the most important meal and will help you stay active throughout the day.

11: 00: moisten the digestive system with Vitalica tea and increase digestive power.

13: 00: eat slowly, enjoying the taste and texture of your lunch, do not drink water with food.

16: 00: warm up your Wellness drink and enjoy your healthy snack. Move a little, exercise. Sweating is very good for the body and mind.

19: 00: eat your dinner warm and don't drink water with food.

22: 00: sip your warm night tea, which purifies your body and helps you fall into a deep sleep. Sweet dreams!

* You can adapt and stretch the meal hours offered as an example above to your standards!

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