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Healthy delicacies on the street

Citrus is one of the must-visit places for those who want to make healthy choices. For those looking for healthy meals after a pleasant walk on the beach, my recommendation is granola bowls, especially smoothie granola, which must be tried. For those who like light flavors in juices that give plenty of energy, Greenpeace, which emerges from the perfect harmony of melon, cucumber and lemon, is a delicacy to taste. I think the star of the place is their smoothies! Black Love, which makes you think when you read the contents but will be a regular when you taste it; It is born from the combination of milk, bananas, dates, cocoa, cinnamon and chilli and manages to become the signature flavor of the place.

Citrus, which also has special teas, has special coffees that coffee lovers should taste. Organic lemon espresso and Americano with fresh mint milk are among these coffees.

For those who prefer savory snacks, there are daily quinces and sandwiches made from sourdough bread. When we come to desserts, spinach cake, chia seed custard with organic lemon and cinnamon tartolet with figs are among the special delicacies of the place. The best thing about Citrus, where organic ingredients are used and healthy flavors are found, is that it also hosts our little friends.

After a walk with your pets, I strongly recommend stopping by Citrus for a coffee break and some energy.

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