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Harry Potter reading reduces bias

J.K. Rowling's multimillion-dollar novel series Harry Potter has been the subject of research in the UK and Italy.

Elementary, high school and university students in the two countries were asked how many Harry Potter books or movies they had seen and how close they felt and admired harry potter or voldemort. The students were then asked what they thought of gays, immigrants and refugees in the community.

The study found that those who read Harry Potter and felt closer to Harry approached people with more empathy and without prejudice. The research suggests that readers' approach to the characters in the book also affects their communication with people.

The research, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, highlights that mutual prejudice will disappear in human relationships by reading fantastic books on topics similar to Harry Potter.

As Dumbledore says, "If our goals are similar and our hearts are open, differences in our languages and lifestyles don't matter."

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