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Hair trends of 2017

It was the model we thought you'd use most often in 2017, with a healthy-looking, sparkly wavy 2017 split in half. You can easily use this model, which conquers hearts with its practicality, in daily life. Straight-haired people can achieve this natural appearance by curling and distributing a few locks of hair from both sides with the help of tongs. Moreover, this model, which kendall jenner and margot robbie often use, will give your combination movement.

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This hairstyle, which you may have last used in elementary school, has made a sharp entrance into the world of fashion and beauty with 2017. Ponytail models, which we often see on red carpets, will add elegance to your look. According to your combination, you can use the ends of your hair straight or wavy. For those who love this model, we also have advice: the tighter you collect the ponytail, the more your face looks collected and tense.

Sophie Turner with long hair
Chrissy Teigen in a white dress
Alicia Vikander wearing a white and black dress and a belt

Are you one of the most trendy haircuts of 2016, who doesn't know what to do when you cut the paper and grow it? Don't be afraid to display your perch instead of hiding it between your hair, because in 2017, the perces are very fashionable! These perch, which hangs from both sides of the face, can be easily used by those with short and medium-length hair.

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Alexa Chung with red hair
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a woman with blonde hair

One of the hair colors that we think will be a hit in 2017 is "bronde" hair, which is yellow in light and coffee in the shade. Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss can see this tone in many Hollywood stars, which differs from the lighting you are under. The most popular feature of this tone is that even coffee hair appears in golden brightness. This bronzed gloss will suit every skin tone and make your hair look more voluminous and healthy than it is.

Cara Delevingne with red lipstick
Karlie Kloss in a black dress

Throughout 2016, we combed our hair back with the help of jelly and similar hair products to get "wet looking hair". While the wet trend continues in 2017, Kim Kardashian is adjusting to the hairstyles of stars like Shay Mitchell. You can achieve this hair trend, which we call "like coming out of the shower", with the help of plenty of foam and spray that you will apply to your wet hair. This model, which you can use on special occasions or when leaving at night, will give you a modern feel.

Gigi Hadid with long hair
Emily Ratajkowski in a blue dress
a woman with long hair
Adriana Lima in a white dress
Karlie Kloss in a black suit

One of our most surprising trends, hair as long as waist, aka Cher hair, started with Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jourdan Dunn during Paris Fashion Week and spread rapidly throughout Hollywood. We think that the fashion for straight, long hair, which is usually used in black and dark chestnut hair colors, will not go out of fashion in 2017. If you pay enough attention to the care of hair that is subjected to processes such as micro-sources and stcts, you can use this model in the new year.

Selena Gomez in a pink shirt
Jennifer Lopez in a dress
Rihanna in a garment

If you have natural curly hair and have difficulty changing hair color and model, you can try warm shades. These warm-toned bales in shades of honey and caramel, which are usually preferred by dark brunette and coffee hair, are quite fashionable this year. When using these shades that will add shine to your face, you should pay attention not to compromise your naturalness. The procedures you will have done between the sides and the ends of your hair will make it easier for you to return to your natural color over time.

Alexa Chung with brown hair
Lily James with long hair
Emilia Clarke in a pink dress
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