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Guide to manicure and pedicure at home

Approximately 5 min for softening of the nail edges. until the hands are held in manicure juice. After the nails have softened, push the dead cuticle on the edge of the nail forward with the help of a meat pusher. The elongated cuticles are carefully taken with the nail clamp, and then the drying process is done again. If you do not have time for this process Cuticle Remover you can use gel products. These products with alkaline content, which soften and help effectively remove elongated cuticles, help remove the meat that sticks to the nail.

With a special rasp, you can give the nails a round or square shape according to your request. After that, you can smooth the nail surface with a nail polisher and give it a perfect shine.

Soften your hands by applying a softener or hand cream, and then you can go to the nail polish stage. Manicure you're already done!

A pedicure is a care that cleanses dead skin, softens your hardened toes and foot skin, treats your toenails when done regularly... Especially in winter, it is recommended to apply a pedicure at periodic December in terms of both health and appearance of our feet, which are difficult to get air, as socks and shoes are constantly used.

Feet approximately 5 min. by soaking in warm water, the nails and skin of the feet are softened. Feet removed from the water are dried with a towel. 

Softened cuticles are pushed with meat pusher a special scissors it is cleaned with the help of. In the meantime, the feet are rasped with the help of pumice and decontaminated from dead skin. After that, the nails are re-rasping and given the final shape. Then apply cream to the rasped nails to soften them. 

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