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Gucci Fall-Winter 2017

At the fashion show, where 120 male and female models take to the catwalk, you see a lot of looks from the men's and women's collections, and after a while you start to confuse which pieces are for men and which pieces are for women. Because that's exactly what Michele wants to do: think about genders together.

"I want to swim in my own ocean. It's my world," he says. He adds that he wants the world to flow slower and get longer-lasting reflections, rather than telling a different story each season. On the other hand, for all the models she chooses, her last words are: "I don't care about models, they're the faces I care about! Because it's like putting humanity on the line. It's funny, maybe, but I think the modeling era is over."

As usual, butterfly was one of the most striking figures in the collection, where patterns and colors were used in the most striking way. Especially the butterfly figure in the belts and bags indicates that this will be your favorite animal pattern this season.

At the same time, japanese craftsmanship and culture are inspired by the pieces with floral motifs specific to this culture. Large hats and large Gucci bandanas are also among the most notable details in accessories. Gucci women who use fruit figures such as pineapple with picnic baskets in their hands show Alessandro Michele's desire to embrace the world inside.

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