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Gucci Cruise 2019

The fashion show, which took place at night in an area close to ancient tombs in the historic city of Arles, appears to have been influenced by the theme of death of chief designer Alessandro Michele. Offering a dark subtext at each new fashion show, Michele put on a mystical show, this time accompanied by bells and choral music.

Michele describes the characters in her fashion show as widows visiting the cemetery and children pretending to be rock'n'roll stars.

Appearing in a Victorian-style dress in white at the end of the show, the 'ghost bride' once again highlighted the dark theme of the show. The skeletal figure embroidered on a velvet dress, the 'Memento Mori' embroidery on the leggings, mixes michele's death theme as an examination of the Cruise collection.

'70s baggy trousers, British plaids, tassels and floor-length capes are among the pieces that make up the main skeleton of the collection.

Meanwhile, model Story Basş appeared in the Gucci fashion show for the second time.

Elton John performing a small concert was the most talked about moment of the show.

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