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Gucci 2016-17 Fall-Winter

Would you consider wearing a red plush coat over a pink black collared suit? Or pink or yellow from top to bottom, from your kilopy sock to your open shoes? And here's Michele, who was named designer of the year, and this season she's made memorable designs and once again shattered our perception of fashion.

"Catherine de'Medici and 70s sporty, Renaissance biker jackets and 80s Italian and French haute couture..." says Lallo 25, after the fashion show... As you know, Lallo25 is the name of his Instagram account. It's only been 12 months since Michele started working at Gucci as creative director. His interest in vintage, ancient details, especially during the Renaissance period, was evident from his social media posts.

Even behind the catwalk with '70s lame disco sandals and '80s sunglasses, hats, earrings, each model seemed to have its own mini shop.

Michele says of her own work: "It's like speaking multiple languages. There's a lot of noise around. Google or Instagram, the media I can reach society, inspires me because I'm a street style obsessed person." He couldn't have defined himself, his style and his collection better... In Alessandro Michele's 71-look collection, each woman is another couture, another street style, and the language they all speak is different.

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