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Greetings to the past from Gucci

The bamboo, which was included in Gucci's new season handbag collection, was first used by the brand in 1947, during a supply shortage following the Second World War. It served as a bamboo bag handle instead of wood. Born out of a historical necessity, this pragmatic and innovative solution has become an indispensable design element for Gucci today.

Bamb's place in the collection is crowned with the Bamboo Classic bag model. The bag also features personalized leather versions with a gold frame print exclusive to this season. Available in three different colors: red, white and black, the leather Classic bag also has exotic options such as crocodile and ostrich. Alessandro Michele also signs off on this unique piece of Gucci design by adorning the bag's shoulder strap with mesh lines. Inside each bag is the pocket length of Jane Austen's Juvenilia with different floral print covers.

In addition to the Classic, three new bag lines with bamboo handles are taking their place in the collection. One of them is a sleek and elegant piece that combines the wooden handle with a roaring cat's head decorated with crystals all over. The Ottilia handbag showcases its inspiration from animals and nature in Gucci's Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Collection. Many different, colorful insect prints such as moths, butterflies, crustaceans and caterpillars add vitality to leather bags, while white metal bee processing adorns some colors.


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