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Greenery effect in home decoration

For the color "greenery", we can say a complete leaf green. So we are talking about a dominant, bright and strong color." Greenery" opt to use it in combination with pastel soft tones to neutralize its color. For the best combinations, try light gray, baby blue, baby blue.

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We have been seeing tropical patterns frequently indoors for the last few seasons. If you're tired of tropical patterns, try using green in a single piece of furniture of your choice. For example, a green sofa or a console with green matte polish. It is definitely a good idea to use green color, gold details and brass accessories in the space!

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Since the green color represents cleanliness, it is also extremely suitable for use in wet places. Do not avoid using green color in cabinet doors, bathroom and kitchen ceramics. Remember, a few bold decisions when designing your home will be useful to determine the focal points indoors.

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Many of us have adapted so much to the hustle and bustle of city life that we occasionally forget the importance of green in our lives. Use live plants indoors to incorporate the color of nature green into our daily life. Choose the one that suits you best from a selection of pots made from different materials and make salon plants part of the decoration.

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