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Great decorative ideas for our pet friends

Both cats and dogs spend most of their time at home sleeping. Of course, for our friends who care so much about their sleep pleasure, the place where they sleep is also very important. If your cat or dog does not have a sleeping area of their own, then they can declare various parts of the house as beds. This, of course, means that your seats, bed, carpets will become much more hairy and your home will be difficult to clean. To avoid this, you can include stylish cat and dog beds in your decoration. A dog bed that fits your seating group will surely please your dog too because they are always happy to have something of their own. If your cat or dog can roam freely and sleep in every room of your home, we recommend buying a pet bed in each room and making your cute friend who sleeps and wakes up with you happy.

It was prepared by homify.com.tr, an international decoration and architecture site.

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It's not a matter of how they like to eat their delicious food in a bowl... But if you prefer food containers from specially designed containers, your home will definitely become a more cheerful and cute place...

a small dog toy

Keep in mind that food boxes that take up as much space as food containers make a positive or negative contribution to the appearance of the room they are in. If you put cat or dog food in a corner of the room with its packaging, it necessarily creates an image pollution. A stylish food bucket creates a much more stylish and tidy look.

a stainless steel refrigerator with a silver top and silver bowls

One of the most obvious features of cat houses is damage to the seat edges, since sharpening their nails regularly is an instinctive need for cats. Even if you cut your nails regularly, thanks to this instinct, your cat will still scratch your seats, your chairs, sometimes your carpets. The reason cats scratch this type of furniture is because it is good for their nails, of course. So if you don't want fingernail marks on our armchair jewelry, then you should come up with a better suggestion for her nails. You can use scratching boards in different models, but cat lovers know that scratching boards are of no interest to some cats. Then make them an offer they cannot resist: solid wooden logs! In nature, cats file their nails in trees, so the logs they can easily scratch are an irresistible scratching item that will decorate your home both as a modern and natural-looking accessory and as a useful coffee table!

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If you love a real bird and your little budgie or parrot is your best friend, then you already know that you should never confine them to tiny cages. Today, quite large and fun cages are produced for bird breeders. You can also hang plenty of perches, mirrors, toys and nests on your walls in your home to make your birds feel happier walking freely.

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This specially designed aviary creates a much larger natural area inside thanks to its structure. Natural grass can be used at the base of the cage and thanks to the stretchable structure of the borders, it can also become an interactive toy for both your bird and you, as seen in the picture. Isn't that a great idea?


a bird on a window

Cats love to climb and roam high. This is because they are protected from their natural enemies by hovering over trees in their natural habitat and are able to observe their prey better from above. Therefore, if you create beautiful playgrounds for them on the walls of your home, you can make your cat happier.

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And finally, do not avoid buying special furniture for the animals you live with so that the harmony of your decoration does not deteriorate; because a happy home requires more than aesthetic harmony, and part of that is happy animals... Watching your cats or dog play cheerfully with the furniture or toys you just bought is invaluable... That's why happy animal videos are the most clicked videos on the internet!

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