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Glamorous jewellery by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's engagement ring of 14 monotones and 12 carats of blue sapphire stone means a lot to Prince William. Kate Middleton's most frequent engagement ring is from Princess Diana.

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Kate Middleton wore the necklace, which was gifted to Queen Elizabeth by the Hyderabad Order at her wedding in 1947, during a visit to the National Portrait Gallery.

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Her diamond brooch on top of the green outfit she wore at the end of 2015 sparkles.

a woman wearing a green hat

The maple leaf-shaped brooch was introduced in 1939 by King Charles II. It was gifted by George to Queen Elizabeth's mother. The Queen lent the brooch to Middleton in 2011. The brooch has a long history.

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Prince Wiiliam's Christmas present earrings have become Kate Middleton's favourite. She's worn this earring many times.

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Kate Middleton's favorite color is blue, so it's a common color in her combinations and accessories. The earrings and necklace, which are combined with the Duchess's engagement ring, are also a gift from Prince William.


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A diamond-encrusted Cartier necklace she wore to a private reception for the Olympics in New York costs $71,600.

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Of all the diamonds and rubies, Kate Middleton often steals hearts with her humble choices. The Duchess of Cambridge stood out for her £24 Accessorize earrings, which she wore during her trip to India.

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