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Gigi Hadid's Strengthening Exercise

-Spread your legs shoulder wide.

-Push your hips down as if you were sitting on your butt. Bend the knees until your upper legs are parallel to the ground.

-Rise back again with strength from your heels. In the meantime, squeeze your butt.

- When squatting, make sure that the waist does not collapse, and secondly, that the knees do not exceed the toe tip when squatting.

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-Position like a cat on 4 legs in a table position over your hands and knees.

-The fingertips of your feet should touch the ground.

-Start lifting and lowering your right knee upwards towards your hip level.

-12 repet over to your left knee.

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-This movement is almost like the posture made by ballerinas.

-Spread your legs wide and stand with your fingertips facing outward.

-Lift the heel of your left foot and raise it to your fingertips. In the meantime, your right foot will be completely pressed to the ground.

-Gently bend your knees to the ground and stand up. But don't bend your back. Your waist should be straight, your upper body should stand straight.

-12 lower your heel after repetuate, this time make the same movement as your right foot.

-We break our very light knees (less than a normal squat posture), the upper body is slightly tilted forward.

-Pass the resistance tyre slightly above your knees.

-Take a big step to the right with your right foot, then bring your left foot to the side. Then move to the left. In the meantime, do not forget to keep the rubber band tense.


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