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Gift recommendations for Taurus

Everything to be taken for them must first appeal to a subtle pleasure. Why, why? This horoscope under venus has a much thinner taste than other zodiac signs and they think they deserve the best of everything. Aesthetics, pleasure, food, anything that appeals to five senses is of close interest to them. They are about musical instruments, theatre, all branches of art. They are in love with nature, the smell of soil is more important to them than any other horoscope. They love flowers, and most importantly, their palate is very developed.

They like both classic and comfort when it comes to clothing. Frilly shirts, pencil skirts, sports but stylish clothing are for them.

1-8. adL 9. Silk Road 10. Koton 11. Machka 12. Mango 13-14. Norma Casta Diva

a group of dresses on a wall

The neck area is the most sensitive area for Taurus. That's why they can't give up necklaces as accessories. Silk shawls and scarves make them happy. They prefer it because they are convenient and practical.

1-9. Mango 10-13. Zara 14. Silk Road 15.Twist 16.Mango Kids 17.Twist


Vivid colors in color attract the sign of Taurus. For reliable, life-aficional, productive, substance-loving, determined and stubborn Taurus, shades of green, blue, lilac and, of course, light pink shades of Venus are ideal.

1-3. Zara 4. Forever New 5-7. Pearl 8. Koton 9. Koton 10. Koton 11. Vepa 12. Koton 13. Mudo 14. Vepa 15. Vepa

a group of shoes

Lucky stones: Emerald, blue sapphire, green axle, amber

Favorite fragrances: Cloves, melissa, roses, jasmine, fulya

a group of different types of makeup
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