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Gift recommendations for Leo

In the clothes, dore is very suitable for Aslan, which is a golden, red, orange fire element sign.

1.Silk road 2.Koton 3.Zara 4.Mango 5.Zara 6. Zara 7. Silk Road 8.Koton 9.Zara

a group of dresses

She also prefers to be assertive and flamboyant in jewelry and accessories. Gold is also at the top of the list for Aslan horoscopes, whose favorite stone is diamonds and diamonds. In addition, she prefers accessories that complement her large and flamboyant outfit on a daily basis.

1.Mango 2.H&M 3.Mango 4.Forever New 5.H&M 6.Zara 7-8-9-10-11-12. Mango

a group of necklaces

He doesn't like to wear it and he doesn't like to be a jerk, contrary to popular belief! Yes, he is ambitious, but he always finds and prefers what suits him and his body type.

1-2. Rayban 3.Miu Miu 4.Dolce&Gabbana 5.Pierre Cardin 6.Bulova 7.Pierre Cardin 8.Ferre Milano 9.Escape

a group of watches

Aslan, who draws attention in every environment he enters, is a noble and admired, respected person who knows what to wear where and uses even his cleavage on the spot, and aslan, who has high leadership and organizational ability, is not afraid to appear in public and always trusts himself.

1. Silk Road 2. Zara 3.Liu Jo 4.Machka 5.Zara

a group of different colored dresses

For a Lion woman, her hair is very important, her hair care, cut, shine are at her forefront. While the moon is in Aslan Sign, you can get much more effective results if you get hair care. Her hair, usually bushy and mane-like, is slightly wavy and eye-catching! And make-up products always steal your heart.

1.MAC 2.NOTE 3.MAC 4.MAC 5.Shiseido 6.MAC 7-8.NOTE 9.NARS

a variety of makeup items

I wish the lions a good month. Isil Isil continues to shine ...

1. Zara 2.Hotic 3. Zara 4.Hotic 5-6.Zara 7. Silk Road 8.Vepa 9.Zara 10. Pearl 11.Mango 12.Mango

a variety of shoes

1-2. Zara 3. Mango 4.H&M 5.Silk Road 6.Twist 7.Catto&Catto

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