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Gift recommendations for Aries

As of March 20, the sun is starting to shine in Aries and birthdays for Aries have also begun. Spontaneous, leading, ambitious, attacking and energetic Aries always like to be lively and sporty. They want to dress and stand out according to the environment they enter. For Aries, who love adventure, adrenaline and competition, sportstic elegance will be a pleasant choice. They like red, orange vivid colors.

1-2.Silk Road 3.Machka 4.Silk Road 5.Machka 6.Silk road 7.ADL 8.Bonprix 9. Silk Road


Aries, which is from the fire group, is the first horoscope in 12 zodiac signs and has a leading spirit. The initialization energy is very high. They never hesitate to come up with ideas and fight because they believe. From time to time, he fascinates everyone with his childish and sympathetic attitudes. He does what he puts his mind to.

1.Hotic 2.ADL 3rd Pearl 4.Mudo 5.Hotic 6.Hotic 7th Pearl


They are impatient and like to move fast. They don't like the ornament of the gift received, they want to open it immediately. Their choice of perfume is never floral and romantic fragrances, but energetic and dominant fragrances.

Stones: Amethyst, Ruby, Lal stone, Coral

1-3.NARS 2.MAC 4-5.MAC 6.Koton 7.Shiseido 8.MAC 9.NARS 10.MAC 11.NARS

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They like to be ambitious and glamorous. Aries generally represents our head area. Hats, hair bandanas, different stone accessories are indispensable for them.

1-4.Mango 5.Bonprix 6.Silk Road 7.Twist 8.Mango 9.Mango

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