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Get to know Poison Girl Camille Rowe

Do you think advertising campaigns require some acting?

Since I started modeling at the age of seven, I've always been told that I'm an "actress" and that my expressiveness is extremely strong. I'm always trying to play a character on set – that's what attracts me. Even if the footage isn't in this atmosphere, I'm forcing myself to play a role in front of the camera.

You have thousands of followers on social media, would you be so active on social media if you weren't a topmodel?

My Instagram account is much more personal. That's why I use the nickname "Fingermonkey" instead of my real name on my account. I didn't want to use my real name even when Victoria's Secret suggested it to gain more followers. I don't share anything about work that I'm not really interested in. All the content is extremely personal. I'm not the perfect photographer. I don't think other models' followers are watching me.

My Instagram account reflects who I really am and also helps me attract the attention of fashion houses who appreciate my own personality professionally.

Why use the name "Fingermonkey" for your Instagram account?

Matt Jones, a photographer I work with, calls me "Monkey" because I'm extremely racketeering! One day, while filming with him, I discovered this new app. It was the early days of Instagram. I immediately wanted to open an account under the pseudonym "monkey", but the account had already been taken, so I used the name "Fingermonkey". I mean, this weird name was born with a joke, but today a lot of people only know me by my "Fingermonkey" account.

What about your favorite kind of music?

That's a tough question! There are so many. Right now, I'm listening to Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra's albums all the time.

The Stones or the Beatles?

I hate that question! But I have an answer. Actually, I like all the Stones' albums, but I can't say I like all the Beatles albums.

Your favorite director?

I love Jim Jarmusch for mocking his characters. His style isn't comedy, but his characters are a lot of fun. If you only knew how many times I've seen "Down By Law"!

A journey you can't forget?

Definitely Iceland. One day I suddenly decided to go there. Then I went a few more times. I admire Iceland and icelanders. They're incredibly original. They're still protecting their magical culture. They can talk to you about trolls. I like their imagination and their open mind.

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