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Flower care at home for beginners

If you travel frequently, you are not sure that you will pay enough attention to your plant;  you can try sukulents, which can be easily grown. Sukulents, which are in the cactus family and have many varieties, can live without water for a long time thanks to their ability to hold water. As is known, try sewing the sukulents, which also have the ability to collect radiation, into pots made of different materials and position them all together. Remember! Sukulents don't like direct sun exposure. It will be enough to water it once every 20-30 days in winter conditions and once every 10 days in summer conditions.

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If we examine indoor plants in three categories; Flowering plants, leafy plants and succulent trunks – that is, cacti that we have just mentioned – can be considered. Leafy plants, on the other hand, will be the best option to bring forest air to our home. Opt for long-bodied, sized plants. Be sure to get information about the type of plant, care, humidity, whether it likes light or not from the place of purchase. Since it would not be right to generalize about the care of leafy plants, it is right to research and consult an expert to choose the plant that best suits your indoor conditions. Try wrapping Christmas lights in the pot of your large potted little tree.

a potted plant in a room

Those periods when our orchids opened.. We're talking about delicate flowering people that we can't bear to touch, that we look at as our eyes, but that don't let our happiness last too long. If we generalize, the amount of water given for flowering plants should not be excessive or incomplete (they should be watered equally regularly in a scaled container), not get direct light, but should see daylight. So polite, fragile flors are also the most troublesome to grow. The flower blooms are the result of your efforts. In fact, maybe it wouldn't be so precious if it always had flowers. Isn't that the way it is in life? Is there anything better than working hard and getting paid? Be you, be patient, work hard. May your flowers never wilt, with the hope that you will be recompensed for everything you have worked for!

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