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Floral decoration in 5 steps

Whether in the living room, study room, bedroom or even in the baby room and even in your bathrooms, you can give your walls a new dimension with flower-patterned wallpaper that you can use in all areas of your home. It will be enough to use it on a wall to change the air in your room, and it will not tire the eye in this way. Casadeco, Koziel, Lincrusta brands brought to Turkey Degotti great wallpaper alternatives for a stop by we say.

Especially in our summer houses, we are used to using floral patterned upholstery fabrics now we use them in every place where we live without distinction between summer and winter. Home decoration is much more enjoyable with traditional, modern, abstracted or bang bang floral pattern fabrics. We can make a seat a star part of our living space by completely covering our berjer with floral-patterned upholstery fabrics, or by using the fabric only on the back. It is very easy to characterize your seat with a touch that you use in one color with Swallows made of flower patterned fabric! The jab brand that degotti brings to our homes can help you with this. Cassina brand, which can be reached from Roche Bobois, Antropologie and mosaic design, is also among the options where you can get products such as flower decked armchair, berjer.

Coffee tables, stools, vases, paintings are all pieces that reflect our identity. Everything we can be inspired by actually exists in nature, and how we can interpret these points of inspiration in our homes is up to us. For those who do not prefer flower figures as the key element of their decoration, these objects are a complete complement to the style!

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Carpets are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of our decoration in our living spaces. According to the place we use the right size and pattern carpet preference is one of the issues we need to pay attention to. It doesn't matter if your room is small or large, floral patterned carpets can easily adapt to any space, adding the air we want. Do not miss these carpets, which are very suitable for all kinds of houses furnished in a traditional or modern style, reinforcing the ambience of the House!

Pip Studio, Herend, Fern&Co, Ilaria.bring writing to your tables with i. These brands carry Bodrum's bougainvillea to our tables with sophisticated details. Who doesn't want to eat at such a beautiful table! In addition to these brands, which have quite a variety of collections, we also say Look at Zara Home and H&M Home. Apart from the flower pattern, don't forget to crown your tables with natural flowers. 

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