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Floating architectural masterpiece

Floating above water, this house was built using high modular home technology. So after the parts of the house were specially manufactured in the factory, the installation and construction was completed. Such composite structures allow for the production of light but robust and durable constructions. Each of the materials used in the construction of the house was selected with thermal and acoustic insulation in the foreground. The main material that makes up the house also protects against abrasions and wear that can be caused by fire, humidity and salt water.

a white building with windows and a glass wall on a body of water

When we look at the exterior of the house, we can see that it resembles a ship swinging over the water. The cubic-shaped architectural shape of the house was inspired by other traditional home models in the area because it was meant to be in harmony with the structures around the house. However, the remarkable and important feature of the house is that you can move without any hassle when you want to move: That is, this house not only sits on the water, but can also swim!

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The interiors of the house consist of an open kitchen, a spacious lounge with a dining area and living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. All living spaces are designed in a modern style decorated with futuristic influences. With glittering surfaces, innovative materials, unusual shapes and soft colors, the decoration looks really impressive. The intertwining of white, gray and black in color use adds a modern effect.

a room with a table and chairs

The façade of the house overlooking the unique sea view is covered with wide glass and the sea is integrated with the interiors of the house. The contrast of bright white surfaces with black window edges and comfortable and stylish furnishings overlooking this stunning landscape are reminiscent of Bauhaus style: simple shapes, functionality and high-quality materials. Simplicity combines comfort, creating a timeless and stylish look.

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Although a lean and comfortable decoration style dominated the house, the designers also made sure to add a fun and cheerful ambience to the house with small touches. We come across Bob Marley, who accompanies a large jacuzzi and a pleasant pasture! Colorful pop art graphics create an iconic decorative accent.

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In the large-area bathroom, a minimalist design was preferred that was compatible with the whole house. Geometric shapes and a large and comfortable bathtub buried on the floor in the bathroom, where the black and white combination are heavily used, play a leading role as the main design element that gives the space its main character. The bathroom area proves that the contemporary design style of the house reigns in both architecture and interior decoration.

a bathroom with a shower unit and a sink

Modern and futuristic effects are also evident in the kitchen. Unusual design elements created with geometric shapes, kitchen cabinets with unusual contemporary design both evoke an industrial style and create a highly innovative, functional and ergonomic workspace. The design of kitchen windows in the form of fragmented rectangles is etched in our minds as an ingenious and innovative design idea.

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