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First perfume from Christian Louboutin

What Loubutin's perfumes have in common with Christian Louboutin perfumes, each with their own unique personalities, is loubutin's idea of creation: "I want you to experience perfume just like a note played on the piano. First comes the first burst of smell, like a 'stroke' to a piano key, then a great vibration, like notes making the sound flow. First there's that first moment, then there's the smell. I define it as the memory of perfume."

Model, actress and film director Elisa Sednaoui poses in photos of these new perfumes. Hypothetizing glass bottles with their simplicity and shape stand out. Louboutin worked with Heatherwick Studio, which has signed world-renowned projects for bottle designs.

So what do these 3 special perfumes smell like?

Bikini Questa Sera: A perfume that carries the warmth of the day to the night. It remains on the skin with its jasmine and hyacinth smells.
Tornade Blonde: Dense in red rose, violet and currant flowers, this perfume contains intense and sweet fragrances.
Trouble in Heaven: This perfume, which contains the fragrances of ornamental, patchy and tonka tree, wraps the body like a second skin.

Perfumes cost 930 TL.

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