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First examination in pregnancy

Sometimes it can be known before pregnancy, and sometimes a doctor can be consulted as a pleasant surprise. In the first evaluation, it should be shown that the pregnancy is correct and healthy. First of all, ultrasound examination checks whether the pregnancy is settled where it should be in the uterus. By monitoring the pregnancy sac in the uterus, the possibility of external pregnancy is eliminated. In addition, ultrasound evaluation can also be observed whether there are diseases in the uterus or ovaries that may adversely affect pregnancy, such as disfigurement, myoma or ovarian cyst. In addition, the presence of abnormal pregnancy conditions such as grape pregnancy (mol hidatiform) and empty pregnancy (blighted ovum) in the womb should also be examined.

In cases where pregnancy is noticed very early, it may be necessary to wait a little to see the pregnancy sac with ultrasound. Sometimes this period can exceed ten days. The baby's heartbeat will also be monitored approximately 7-10 days after the appearance of the pregnancy sac.

If all examinations about pregnancy are normally monitored in the ultrasound evaluation, the expectant mother will be asked for some examinations that may be insightful about the course of pregnancy. These examinations include:

** Blood count and blood type
Why is this examination being done?
Answer: Does he have anemia or clotting disorder? Any blood discrepancies?

** Fasting blood sugar, liver and kidney tests
Why is this examination being done?
Answer: Does he have any hidden diabetes? Is there liver and kidney dysfunction?

** Thyroid hormone tests
Why is this examination being done?
Answer: Does she have thyroid disease that can cause a miscarriage or negatively affect the baby's intelligence?

** Infectious disease tests
Why is this examination being done?
Answer: Are there infectious diseases such as hepatitis, rubella, toxoplasma that will adversely affect the baby during pregnancy and childbirth?

** Pap-smear test
Why is this examination being done?
Answer: Is there a precursor to cervical cancer?

After these examinations, your doctor will give you an appointment for a second examination.

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