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Find peace in the center of the city

Today, even dreaming of this gives you pleasure, while with the 'Humane Trust' life center located in Akatlar, you can make time for yourself away from the noise of the city, albeit briefly. So where is this place?

The gym in this living center offers a pleasant alternative to today's plaza people bored in indoor gyms. To provide a fit and strong body health based on the desired physical health with dance therapy, physio, pilates programs. I went into ebru tarhan and cindy kohener's sessions.

Ms. Ebru is working on the causes of physical disorders with energy therapy and applying a therapy aimed at solving fears and problems that have been vicious in life. It is true that in this life, positive people like me try to solve their problems, which have occasionally been vicious cycles. You can choose this session not only to seek solutions in the face of problems, but also to regain your physical fatigue.

"I wish you'd replace it with good faith, movement instead of procrastination, trust instead of prejudice, love instead of fear. Start with yourself, come and see how we can increase your frequency, your creative energy." Those words belong to dear Cindy. With Cindy Kohener, who allows us to see all the answers to the question of what we can do to recognize, feel and transform ourselves in creative sessions, you can get answers to the creativity within you and the questions you need to ask yourself but can't ask.

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