a glass of milk with cookies

Fig sprout recipe

* 1 lt milk
* 15 dried figs

To decorate:
* Cinnamon & walnut

* Let the figs sit a little in warm water to soften.
* Take the milk into the January oven and heat the milk until it reaches the temperature at which your little finger can last for 5 seconds, so that it does not reach boiling level, and take it aside.
* Drain the figs and chop them small and add to the milk.
* Mix figs with milk and run for 5-6 seconds with a hand blender.
* Take the milk from portions to portions and cover it and wrap it with a cover. Keep it at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Actually, we do the same process of fermenting yogurt.
* And then lift to the fridge.
* You can put walnuts and cinnamon on it before serving.

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