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Female designers designed for the 30th year of Purple Roof

30 Of The Purple Roof. for the Year, 10 designer women came together at the decency of the Purple roof volunteer Deniz Marşan. Designers were involved in the T-shirt project with their designs to establish solidarity with purple roof and support the fight against violence against women. Ayşe Deniz Yeğin, Deniz Marşan / Direct Message, Dilara Fındıkoğlu, Eda Güngör / Museum of Fine Clothing, Mehtap Elaidi, Meltem Özbek, Özlem Ahiakin, Simay Bülbül, my chance Adalı / Sudi Etuz and Zeynep Tosun's designers produced 10 different T-shirts.

To support the promotion of T-shirts, Başak Dizer, Cansu Tosun, Cemre Ebuzziya, Didem Soydan, Dilan Deniz, Ezgi Mola, Irem Sak, Meriç Aral, Nurgül Yeşilçay and Şebnem Bozoklu wore designs.

T-shirts taken by Zeynep Uner, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine for Purple roof, will be on sale on the Purple roof website, Hepsiburada and Morhipo.

Purple roof needs your support to strengthen its struggle against violence against women for 30 years and the women's Solidarity Network it has established through the solidarity of purple roof friends. By buying purple Roof products or by regularly supporting Purple roof, you can also be part of this Solidarity Network and contribute to women and children to lead lives away from violence.

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