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Featured cosmetics for November

Kerastase has developed products specific to different needs, including dyed hair, all hair types and double-phase care oil in its new hair care oil series. Light formula oils give shine to the hair and add volume.

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One of the highlights of Watsons, which launched Korean beauty products under the name K-Beauty this month, was sponge-tipped BB cream. The product, which contains SPF, makes it easy to implement with a different design.

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Non-lumpy mascara is one of this month's favorites, with its long-lasting and voluminous appearance to lashes.


This time there's a concealer created for hair! Offering different color options, the spray covers your whites coming out of your hair bottoms. It keeps you going until you wash your hair.

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These disposable masks, which are applied by hand for 15 minutes, soften and care for the hands that crack from the cold in winter.

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The concealer, which is on sale in Turkey this month, contains goji berry. When you apply it to your eyes with its sponge-shaped tip, it naturally covers the bruises and dark circles that form in this area.

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This new product purifies the surface of the skin from dead cells, leaving behind soft and smooth skin.

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Anti-aging serum is absorbed by the skin with its active ingredients. It softens the most stubborn wrinkles and gives the skin youthful fullness.

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For those who prefer not to wear foundation, Dior has created an anti-aging product with Dreamskin that enhances skin texture, alleviates the appearance of blemishes and redness, and tightens the skin to give a balanced appearance.

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