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Featured cosmetics for April

The liquid treatment cure, which includes goji berry, melissa plant and lemon extract, makes the skin feel more energetic. This liquid care, which is easily absorbed into the skin, reduces dryness, mattity and skin roughness. (50ml- £179)

a green bottle with a green liquid

Maestro Glow is the first stage of make-up, leaving vitality and natural glow in the complexion with its lightweight formula. Maestro, which does not contain water and matte powder, acts instantly on the skin, creating the feeling that there is no makeup. It also provides daily UV protection with SPF 30. If you're looking for a sparkling and nourishing base instead of a matte makeover, you can give maestro a chance. ($215)

a white bottle with a black cap

M.A.C came up with the Vibe Tribe this year, adding a bohemian feel to his bronzing collection. The packages in particular are quite attractive. The collection includes many different products from bronzer powder to 4 different lipstick and headlight palettes.

a circular object with a colorful design
a red and blue pencil
a red and black lipstick
a box with a picture of a flower on it
a red and gold ball
a close-up of a coin

M.A.C. MatchmasterPerfect foundation application in 4 steps series newcomer has a structure that prefers to hide your skin rather than cover it. Liquid formula foundation emphasizes the naturalness of the skin. ($109)

a black and silver headphone

Combining lipstick and gloss in a pencil, this soft textured lip balm feels like a nourishing cream. The lips are adorned with a harmonious, intense and balanced tone accompanied by a bright and radiant touch. ($70)

a close-up of a lipstick

This yellow-toned nail polish, which is almost reminiscent of spring, is one of the favorites of this month, prepared as part of Dior's Spring collection...

a close-up of a perfume bottle
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