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Favorite of fashion followers 5 apps

Founded by Daniel Beckermann, the app is a social network with global reach... It's a kind of digital market where you can examine the wardrobes of the people you follow and even make purchases.


The vintage alternative to depop lovers comes from Object Limited. You can shop on the platform that brings together second-hand shopping secrets, designers, collectors and, of course, stylish fashion followers.

Where do phenomena dress? An ideal platform where you can find the answer to your question. In the application that fashion followers contact, you can reach the shopping links of the products you are looking for and follow the trends.

Designed by Lucy Yeomans, award-winning editor-in-chief of Porter and Harpers Bazaar UK magazines, the app focuses on luxury fashion brands. On this platform, it is possible to create your avatar and dress it up with luxurious designs. The app also offers shopping opportunities.

Wardrope is the most comprehensive luxury second-hand rental platform known. Although the rental is only available in the U.S., it's an interesting app to keep track of collectors and get iham...

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