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Fashion's sweetest breakfast

Crazy Flakes is the first and only cornflakes concept café in Turkey. Three young entrepreneurs want to grow this café, a start for their dreams.

The idea of a first came from cereal killer with the same concept in London, then his ideas became clear with Flakes Corner in Germany.

Don't think it's just sweet in the café. Protein cornflakes for athletes; sugar-free, bioorganic, gluten-free, whole grain and oat options for those looking for a healthy alternative; For chocolate lovers, there are white chocolate cornflakes with milk. After selecting and mixing three of the 150 types of cereals, you can add any goods you want. Among the 50 kinds of additional ingredients you have many options such as various kinds of chocolates, oreo, nuts.  As for your choice of milk, there are also many options for milks. There are also flavored milks made solely from sugar cane, as well as lactose-free, low-fat or soy milk.

Almost all of the ingredients here come from abroad. Crazy Flakes, which is very ambitious in milkshakes as well as cornflakes, makes milkshakes that have not been tried before. Milkshakes are made exclusively from ice cream and ice. You can also add cereal to your milk shake of your own.

The café is open from 07.00 to 23.00 on weekdays and from 09.00 to 23.00 on weekends.

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