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Fashionable exam of the employee pregnant

Instead of spending her pregnancy in a few waist-high rubber pants and tunics, there are now conscious mothers who want to live without sacrificing their style. As a style consultant, the phrase I often come across in my pregnant clients is "When I'm pregnant, I want to look like a woman, not a mother." Especially those who are in professional life are aware of the effect of the image on the career thanks to the style. She doesn't want to lose the image she created and managed to maintain despite many challenges over the years during pregnancy.

It's possible to have a pregnancy while maintaining your image in the office. The first and most important rule is to be well-groomed. It's always important to have tidy hair and make-up light enough to make you look healthy. Any signs of self-release will send a message that you approach your work in this way. Let's move on to what you need to pay attention to in your clothing that forms your style, thinking that everything related to personal care is ok.

In fact, what you pay attention to when you're not pregnant is true now. The first is to dress according to body type. You should follow your body well, which will change with each month. Instead of focusing on storing your stomach for a few months before your stomach grows well, prioritize drawing attention to your advantageous areas. If your legs are thin, you'll need sigaret pants, short or asymmetrical skirts and different shoes to draw attention to. If your upper body is advantageous, you can use cleavage and choose cuts that will direct the eye towards your shoulders and arms. The purpose of dressing according to body type is not to hide the areas where you are uncomfortable, but to emphasize your advantageous places.

The second rule you should not forget is to create a uniform silhouette. In fact, the ideal silhouette hourglass in women is an hourglass, but it will not be possible to dress in a way that supports this silhouette with your belly, which will grow during this period. Instead, you can turn to floor-to-floor clothing. Asymmetrical cardigans, blazers, long vests will be your saviors throughout pregnancy. Choose the parts you will wear in the cuts that fit the body. And if the part inside you doesn't fit into your body, you'll look more overweight than you are. In addition, third pieces such as cardigans and jackets make you look both tidy and professional.

The most effective style that will allow you to maintain your posture in the office is the masculine style consisting of pieces such as jackets, pants, shirts, lace-up shoes. Even if you wear a dress during this period, make sure to buy a blazer. He'll get the image together in no time.

The third tip that can help you is to turn to accessories. When you start to struggle with clothes, turn to models as simple as possible. To maintain the power of your style, turn to bold colors and choose eye-catching accessories. The ring will not be a good choice as there will be bloating during this period. Necklaces, brooches and earrings are more accurate investments.

The final rule is to stay as far away from maternity clothing collections as you can. Don't really take pants with rubber at the waist unless you need them. Instead, keep looking at and importing pieces from the collections you're always browsing. Not being easy will also trigger your creativity. You will see that you can use the oversized size of the cuts you always wear, and you will discover that you can evaluate the usual pieces differently.

Your bonus tip is ready. And save the T-shirts for the weekend with any humorous message that you're pregnant. They're never cut out for the office.

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By Fashion/Style Editor Zeynep Erkan

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