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Fashion Week Istanbul ended with majestic fashion shows

Catwalk on last day of Fashion Week Istanbul, Zeynep Erdogan's opened with its collection, a meeting of oriental touch with dazzling silhouettes of Hollywood actresses of the' 50s. After Erdogan, Tuvana Büyükçınarthe fashion film of Tuvanam, the brand of 'In', was staged. The collection, in which the designer blends new trends with minimal lines, gave hope to the audience by telling about "coming out of the cocoon" and recalling the unprotected order we miss. Designer Hatice Gökçe in his collection with ehram fabrics containing 100% natural and pure wool, he also highlighted his sensitivity to the environment and his sensitivity to sustainability. 

Özlem Kaya, a symbolic word for men "Roughneck" he said he wanted to highlight the masculine lines in his collection, which he called "to reflect the feeling of women who want to live their own story freely.” 

Designer Eda GüngörMuseum of Fine Clothing brand, which is owned by FWI "Captive Beauty" in the collection he expressed the concept of captivity through a cage through the designer's eyes.

Hakaan Lightning inspired by the 1990 Turkish film "Hasan strangled", he developed and, in his own words, "embodies the spirit of haleti with all its depth, reveals", "Mehtuplar, which I wrote to Mahizer", received great acclaim with his collection.  Zeynep Tosun, dedicated to his roots in the land where he lived "APAs; the city of the Mother Goddess" in her collection, she was inspired by the life stories of Amazonian women, who are believed to have lived in Anatolia and are considered the most powerful women of mythology.

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