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Fashion Week Istanbul Day 3

Opening of the third day of Fashion Week Istanbul, young designers attended by fashion design graduates Karma by IMA it took place with a fashion show. As part of the fashion show Engin Ekinci With his collection” Chained", he revealed a psychological metaphor symbolizing personal boundaries and a stance against change. Young designer Ezgi Karayel he came across his collection “a piece of Work”, in which he looked for his own shortcomings, saying that he was dirtier, more corrupt and more. Karma by IMA's latest designer Mehmet Demir de took his place on the catwalk with his “awakening” collection, which he revealed with inspiration from his life journey and awareness. 

Mert Erkan In his collection, which he called" The Coven", he stated that he was inspired by the episode of the Coven in the series of American Horror Stories, while the mystical atmosphere created in the short film captivated everyone. As part of the FWI, he introduced his collection, which he called "Self Discipline", consisting of vegan and washable pieces Murat Aytulum he also received acclaim for his film, which he shot in Pamukkale travertine. Gökhan Kırdar was the music director of the film. 

Introducing the "Divine" collection, which he prepared with inspiration from the Renaissance period Cihan Nacar Şevval Şahin, Buse Iskenderoğlu and Kayra Turkovic took part in the filming of her film in a historical bath.

Y Plus by Jacob Biçer In his collection, which he called" Ebruli", he was inspired by the art of marbling, which he was interested in during the pandemic period. The collection featured 23 local and foreign models alongside famous names such as Tiraje Başaran, Gonca vuslateri, Gökhan Mumcu, photographer Bennu Gerede. Designer Özlem Süer he was noted for his innovative essays on forms in the collection "Sky Dome//Firmament", which he described as “the work of a fairy tale algorithm with timeless and perhaps all-time beautiful energy”. 

Hosting the last show of the day Özgür Masur in his collection, which he described as a bold and artistic narrative embodied in fine detail in the period we are in, he described the longing of a lonely society for the crowd, the effort to customize and separate itself with the sound of colors. 

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