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Fashion Week Istanbul 1st day

Friday April 16, the first day of Fashion Week Istanbul, which takes place digitally and ends.   www.fashionweek.opening speech of Fashion Week Istanbul, which is followed through istanbul and offers a very loud atmosphere inspired by the universal and unifying aspect of Istanbul; T.C. It was carried out by the minister of trade Lichtar Pekcan, Ismail Gulle, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, and Mustafa Gultepe, chairman of the board of Directors of IHKIB. 

On the first day of Fashion Week Istanbul, the catwalk was opened with the ‘New Gen by IMA’ fashion show consisting of designers of the Istanbul Fashion Academy. Collections belonging to Aycan Hakalmaz, Avishan Daneshfar, Beyza Eyüboğlu, Essin Barış, Ezgi Yildirim were presented at the fashion show. 

Mehmet Emiroğlu, who hosted the second show, carried his collection, which received its inspiration from the preposition ‘dair’, to the stage. Ceren January, who took her inspiration from women who lived without hiding, fearless in the new season designs, once again shed light on the style of women who were free and trusted in their style. Referring to local values in his collection, Niyazi Erdoğan presented the collection, which was inspired by the Archbishop Vecihi Hürkü, to the taste of fashion lovers.  

Drawing its inspiration from The Art Nouveau movement and prepared by Nedret & Yasemin Taciroğlu, Nedo by Nedret Taciroğlu demi-COUTURE collection appeared with modern pieces in which the lines of the period were adapted to the present day.  Gökay Gündoğdu, founder of TAGG brand, brought a whole new breath to street fashion with inspiration from the concept of "flanöz" in the collection he exhibited within the scope of FWI.

The Analog Diaries collection of Gül ağış, founder and creative director of LUG VON Siga, also appeared as a kind of summary of new emotions discovered in the new era. At the last show of the first day of Fashion Week Istanbul, the DICE KAYEK collection appeared in front of fashion lovers. The film was accompanied by Candan Erçetin, Burak Hakkı, Rafael Cemo Çetin, Yaz Yüceil, Ahu Yağtu, Hatice Aslan and Selma Ergeç. 

Bonus: Dior Autumn 2021

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